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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Biocomicals Cartoon Caption Contest is starting soon!

As a scientist while I was dealing with  the very fine details of health and diseases, I also wanted to share my inspirations, ideas by cartoons.
Without any Ads or any other campaigns Biocomicals started to grow day by day. Visitors literally from all over the world started to follow Biocomicals.
Now they  do not only follow but also contribute in Biocomicals. They send their cartoon ideas and I draw them. Although I have an extremely busy schedule and a significant workload, I always find a spot in 24 hours to draw. It is a kind of meditation, I should say.

Of course when I see the reflection of this effort by the visitors' interest, it is very encouraging to think some more fun things to add into Biocomicals. My aim is to make science more fun and introduce the details of new developments to non-science people. I believe if Biocomicals becomes more interactive it will be more effective in that direction.

Regarding to this interactivity, Biocomicals Cartoon Caption Contest (BCCC) will be starting soon. As a follower of Biocomicals, you can enter this contest, it will be totally free. Basically, there will be a cartoon without captions and you, the participants will submit your captions. Details are coming soon.

The winner will get a free Biocomicals t-shirt. Special thanks to our sponsor ooshirts for their contribution.