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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Caption finalists!

Hi Everybody,

Caption submission is over now. Thank you very much for your submissions.

There were many interesting captions submitted and it was tough to choose the top three.
Here are top three finalists and their caption suggestions.
Andrew Duong, Hamilton, Canada
"This is all I have to show from my 'deep sequencing' experiment"

Georgios Tsaousis, Athens, Greece
"HGNC* is going to be our Godparent!"

Joan Stabila, Providence, USA
"Thanks for your donation. We couldn't have done it without you!"
* HGNC: HUGO Gene Nomenclature Committee 

For the next two weeks voting will take a place,
Voting will end on Jan 4, 2012.

Top of this page, you will see names, places and their captions. You can vote from there.

By the way this is the t-shirt that winner will get, it was created by Biocomicals and designed at

Thanks again for all your contribution.