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Sunday, February 5, 2012

...and the winner of the second caption contest is...!

(Total votes: 399 during the voting period)

The Winner, (236 votes)

"In your future I see a polymerase is going to pull you apart, 
but dont panic I see new base pairs for the both of you"

Submitted by  Linzi Eddington  
Liverpool, UK

Second Place, (87 votes)
" Let me sequence you, I'll determine your future. "
Submitted by  Oz Solomon
Rishon-Le-Zion, Israel.

Third Place, (76 votes)
" I see very very deep sequencing in your future!"
Submitted by Sofia Lizarraga
Providence, USA

Congratulations to " Linzi Eddington "
and she will receive the Biocomicals t-shirt soon!

I also would like to thank to all who submit their captions 
and as well as to the voters. 

New caption contest will start soon!
I will post the updates here at Biocomicals and at Facebook page