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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Winner of the third caption contest

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(Total votes: 258 during the voting period) 

The Winner, (114 votes) 
"Oh My Gilson! Who brought that multi-channel bully to the lab?"
Nektaria Petronikolou
Athens, Greece 

Second Place(85 votes) 
"What do you mean "polygamy is reinstated"?"
Eylem Ekici
Columbus, OH, USA 

Third Place, (59 votes) 
"I swear, we only transferred one sample!"
Courtney Schmidt
Warwick, RI, USA

Congratulations to "Nektaria Petronikolou"
and she will receive the Biocomicals t-shirt soon!

Thanks to ooshirts for sponsoring Biocomicals caption contest

I also would like to thank to all who submit their captions 
and as well as to the voters.